Gallery of Offenders: Forget the woman, get yourself a Bot!

Questions to Consider:


* Are women on their way to becoming perfectly constructed robots?

* Why does Svedka use a female bot and not a male bot?

* How does this ad represent women?

* What would it mean to be bought (purchased)?

* Who is the target audience of this ad?

What We Think:

Svedka has come out with a new wave of “R. U. Bot Or Not?” ads, including a TV commercial. The Svedka Bot is a woman who has been broken down to the most “essential” physical features. She is branded with SVEDKA down her leg. As an animatronic woman, she is designed to serve and she has no needs of her own. Her singular body type leaves no worries of men having to put up with a woman who falls outside the body ideal of 2033 (and today).

The “R. U. Bot or Not” tagline has three levels of meaning. First, it asks if women have achieved the body type of the Svedka Bot. Second, it asks if women have been claimed by men who have bought them a (Svedka) drink. Lastly, if men can purchase a Svedka Bot in 2033, the ad also asks if women have literally been purchased by men. (by Juliet Weintraub)

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