Miller revokes ‘man cards’ for men lite on manliness

The sexism of beer and other alcohol commercials has been well-documented by About-Face. So, I can’t say I was terribly surprised to see the line of the latest Miller Lite commercials. I’m referring to, of course, the series of advertisements that the company has been promoting as part of their “Un-Manly” campaign. I’m sure you’ve… Continue Reading →

Chick Beer: because those other beers are for dudes.

OK, so we all know that beer marketers have a terrible history with selling their products to women. Mostly this isn’t a huge problem for me because the Big Two brewers who get the most air time (MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch) make terrible beer that I’m totally OK not being sold. You keep your Coors Light, really, I… Continue Reading →

What’s the opposite of Spectacular?

Have you heard of Kiely Williams? She was a flash in the pan of my adolescence as a member of girl group 3LW, and later found fame in Disney’s The Cheetah Girls, but now she’s trying to ditch her good-girl past and reinvent herself for an edgier audience. That’s fine; artists do it all the… Continue Reading →

Why are Beer Commercials Still Ignoring Women?

I drink beer. I’m a woman. According to the Beer Institute, I’m not alone: women make up 25 percent of the beer market. Hmmm. Strange. Because most beer commercials I’ve seen recently either a) don’t include any women at all; or b) depict women solely as Barbie cheerleader types who serve men beverages.