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Gallery of Winners: Fruit of the Loom Reminds Us that We’re Flawless.

By September 2, 2010 5 Comments

Source: E!, "Chelsea Lately," August 3, 2010

Questions to Consider:


* Who are the women in this ad?

* What is the message the commercial conveys?

* How would you feel if this commercial came on after a Victoria’s Secret commercial? (How about before?)

* What emotion does the advertiser want you to feel?

What We Think:

This ad is really funny, but with a purpose — I giggled at the faux beat poetry and mock spoken-word rhythm. But then it turns out the message is really quite lovely. Here are the lyrics:

For all the places I want to see

These legs are a vehicle

carrying me.

What more could I ask them to be?

They’re flawless.


Beauty magazines offer their tricks

Tell me…

I can’t imagine how your embrace

Would be any warmer on a 20-inch waist.

I’m flawless.

(Don’t ya know you’re flawless.)

‘Nuff said. (by Jennifer Berger)

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