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Gallery of Winners: Fruit of the Loom Reminds Us that We’re Flawless.

Questions to Consider:


* Who are the women in this ad?

* What is the message the commercial conveys?

* How would you feel if this commercial came on after a Victoria’s Secret commercial? (How about before?)

* What emotion does the advertiser want you to feel?

What We Think:

This ad is really funny, but with a purpose — I giggled at the faux beat poetry and mock spoken-word rhythm. But then it turns out the message is really quite lovely. Here are the lyrics:

For all the places I want to see

These legs are a vehicle

carrying me.

What more could I ask them to be?

They’re flawless.


Beauty magazines offer their tricks

Tell me…

I can’t imagine how your embrace

Would be any warmer on a 20-inch waist.

I’m flawless.

(Don’t ya know you’re flawless.)

‘Nuff said. (by Jennifer Berger)

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5 thoughts on “Gallery of Winners: Fruit of the Loom Reminds Us that We’re Flawless.

  1. I find most of the Fruit of the Loom ads with the guys in the fruit suits hilarious. There was something that troubled me about this ad though. All the “flawless” girls outside the one with the 20 inch waist, had model bodies. Seemed to me they were rehashing the notion that being “flawless” means being thin, and white. Did you notice there was only one non-White model in the ad?

    If you’re going to spread the idea that women’s bodies are flawless, perhaps doing it by using a variety of models of all ethnicities, as well as sizes is the way to go. Not telling us what we already know, by mainstream media flawless = white & thin.

  2. The first girl is half black (albeit a very light one) so I don’t think Jackie could say they were all white. I still think it’s okay. I mean, I know plenty of girls that are skinnier than these girls who wish to look more like plastic looking models. it’s a very good step.

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