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Teleflora reminds men they are stereotypes, not people with feelings

Oh, Faith Hill, why would you lent your likeness to a commercial that reminds men (again) that they only like “nice racks”? [youtube][/youtube] And what if he DID express what’s really in his heart? That wouldn’t make him very manly, would it. We love men and wish this commercial — and many others during this… Continue Reading →

Let the blogging begin: Super Bowl XLV (2011)

Welcome to one of our favorite things to do here at About-Face: blogging about Super Bowl commercials as they air. We’ll do our best to keep up with all the good, bad, and well — worse — ads this year. Then, later, this post will include links to all our Super Bowl posts for the… Continue Reading →

Gallery of Winners: Inner Beauty Is Priceless.

Questions to Consider:   * What defines beauty in America? * Does exposing your body make you more or less beautiful? * What do you notice that different cultures value in terms of beauty? What We Think: The media loves to pick on Jessica Simpson, but there’s much more to the singer than her sometimes-goofy… Continue Reading →

Gallery of Winners: Glamour goes above and beyond.

Questions to Consider: * How do women’s magazines typically make you feel? * In what ways does the article from Glamour differ from images in other magazines? * What kind of products do women’s magazines try to sell you? * What do you notice about the different messages of magazine articles and magazine advertising? What… Continue Reading →

Gallery of Winners: Kotex Tells It Like It Is.

“U by Kotex: So Obnoxious” TV commercial “U by Kotex: Reality Check” TV commercial Questions to Consider: * Is Kotex’s commentary about other tampon commercials accurate? * In what ways does this commercial raise awareness about how manipulative commercials can be? (And is this commercial an exception?) * How does Kotex want you to feel… Continue Reading →

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