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Gallery of Offenders: Marc Jacobs crosses the (age) line.

By September 2, 2010 4 Comments

Questions to Consider:

* How old does this girl look?

* Why is she only wearing underwear and a bra?

* Is this ad sexual? In what way is it sexual?

* How does the advertiser (Marc Jacobs) want you to feel?

* What is this ad selling?

What We Think:

This ad for Marc Jacobs perfume is quite disturbing. The fact that the girl in this ad looks young and innocent while she lies in a field in her underwear appeals to a pedophilic sexuality. Her body is open and vulnerable to preying eyes. At first glance, she appears naked because the white underwear and bra she is wearing is hard to notice against her pale skin. When you do notice her white underwear, it further symbolizes virginity, youthfulness, and innocence. With her eyes closed and legs spread open, she is sexually open. In sum, Marc Jacobs supports the sexualization of girls. (by Juliet Weintraub)

Take Action! Contact:

Jen Sagum

Advertising and Home Collection

Marc Jacobs

email: j.sagum@marcjacobs.com

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