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Sexualized Svedka fembot, go away!

Ok, so – I know that the last post I wrote was about an alcohol commercial promising to make you manly, and I can’t say that I was exactly expecting to be hit with another wave of sexist advertisements for an alcohol brand – but then again, given what we’ve seen thus far, we can’t… Continue Reading →

Gallery of Offenders: Not a person, just a butt.

Questions to Consider:   * Who is the target audience for this product? * What does this product do? Is it clear or unclear? * What role does the woman’s body have in this ad? * How many recent ads have you seen which display only pieces of a model? * Why is it so… Continue Reading →

Gallery of Offenders: An Appalling (lack of) Apparel

Questions to Consider:   * What product is this ad selling? * Why would American Apparel use a semi-nude model to sell clothes? * Who is this ad’s intended audience? What We Think: “Oh, hi! You caught me completely by surprise as I lay here topless, staring vacantly into the camera. But while we’re here,… Continue Reading →