Gallery of Offenders: How much lower can Ludacris possibly go?

Questions to Consider:

* Why would the girls in the video want to dance in order to make Ludacris appear?

* Does Ludacris respect these girls who are “calling” him?

* What product is this video selling?

* What kind of behavior is this video promoting for women?

* How does this video make you feel?

What We Think:

This reminds me of a modern day “Bloody Mary” story. Only instead of a crazy, haunting ghost, Ludacris appears in the mirror, which is equally terrifying. I cannot think of a better example of how women are supposed to get a man by dancing and dressing provocatively. In order to lure Ludacris to come into their bedroom, girls must seductively dance in front of the mirror. Then when the mirror portal is broken, the short guy plus two creepy men in face masks chase the girls down the stairs and magically, yet forcefully, removes the girls’ clothing. So the bonus of getting Ludacris to appear is to be chased around and have your clothes ripped off of your body. . . Interesting. (by Juliet Weintraub)

Take Action! Contact:

Jennifer Heath

Radical Media (the company that produced this video)

1630 12th St.

Santa Monica, CA 90404

email: heath@radicalmedia.com

phone: (310) 664-4654
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