Gallery of Offenders: Victoria’s Secret: Passive Seduction.

Questions to Consider:

* How is the woman in this image presented?

* What body parts are most emphasized in this image?

* What product is this image selling?

* Who is the intended audience?

What We Think:

This image is problematic because the woman is posed provocatively, with the intention of being a passive object of sexual attention. The specific angle at which this shot is taken places emphasis on her breasts and face, while the rest of her body is secondary. The way that this model is positioned creates a sharp line along the torso that cuts into her waist, making her appear skinnier than she already is. Additionally, by placing the model’s left arm behind her body, her arm is visually amputated. Using simple positioning and camera angles, Victoria’s Secret photographers are able to chip away body parts, leaving the female model small and powerless. (by Juliet Weintraub)

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