You are suffering from depression, anxiety, poor body image, or low self-esteem?

Then you also need to take some personal action.

  • Talk to a trusted adult and ask them to help you connect with a professional counselor or therapist if you are deeply troubled or constantly feel bad about yourself.
  • Practice looking at yourself in the mirror and finding 5 things you like, and not saying/thinking about what you don’t like. Repeat each of the positive attributes 5 times to yourself, out loud.
  • Find a yoga class or video, and use it to help you really connect with your body. We recommend hatha yoga. Yoga can be an awesome way to start feeling better.
  • Try to begin exercising and eating moderately and regularly if you aren’t already. Dieting is NOT a method for helping you feel better about yourself, regardless of what the weight-loss industry (and seemingly everyone else) wants you to think.