The About-Face team are passionate advocates for teen girls*, media literacy, and social change.

Jennifer Berger, Board President and Executive Director

Jennifer’s eyes were opened to the ways media messages affect women’s self-worth in the mid-1990s while sitting in a university lecture hall watching Jean Kilbourne’s film Still Killing Us Softly. Since then, she has been dedicated to teen girls’ activism and media literacy with About-Face and other organizations, including the San Francisco National Organization for Women (NOW). She transformed About-Face from an all-volunteer activist group into a nonprofit leader in media effects on teen girls. Previously, she was an editor and writer at top Bay Area technology publishing outlets, where she received intensive management and leadership training. Jennifer graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and (unofficial) minor in Women’s Studies.

Trinh Pham, Board Treasurer

Trinh is passionate about empowering young women and helping them reach their full potential. Having struggled with toxic media messages in her own life, she is excited about helping the next generation mitigate these negative effects and replace them with empowering messages that create a healthy self-image. Trinh is an Accounting Manager at Twitter overseeing the company’s U.S. General and Administrative Expense division. Before joining Twitter, Trinh held finance roles at Zynga and Juicero, as well as in public accounting with KPMG Canada. Trinh received her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary, is a licensed CPA, and is now working toward an MBA in Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Marcia Kadanoff, Board of Directors Member

Marcia Kadanoff is a retired technology executive with a passion for inclusive social justice, innovation in government, and gender equality. In addition to being on About-Face’s Board, she also has experience on the boards of Blue Sky Gallery (photography), and The Pathfinder Network (improving outcomes for justice-impacted families). Kadanoff is the author of the best-selling book: Maker City: A Practical Guide to Reinventing our Cities (2017) which underlines the economic benefits that accrue to cities when they invest in industry, manufacturing, and the arts. Marcia started her career at the Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare where she pioneered a program to help women on AFDC become economically self-sufficient by training them to become carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. 

Margeaux Bucher-Boyles, Board Secretary

Margeaux is a Scrum Master and Agile coach who guides software development organizations through Agile transformations. As a coach, she facilitates and builds working groups into teams. She has worked with companies of all sizes: from Alphabet and Berkshire-Hathaway companies to small design shops. Earlier on, Margeaux worked with at-risk teenage girls mentoring, planning activities, building positive group culture, teaching, counseling, and creating tailored curriculum. She also has extensive experience managing and motivating a volunteer workforce. Margeaux is an alumni of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

About-Face thanks our prior board members, pictured below, for their service in 2019-2021.

We bring on new board members twice per year. Please contact us if you’re interested in being an About-Face board member!

Program Leaders

Cierra Bailey
Miranda Bucky
Emily Hoang
Alexis Bustamante
Christine Yang

Consulting Experts

Suzannah Tipermas Neufeld, MFT

Kjerstin Gruys, PhD
Assistant Professor in Sociology at the University of Nevada

Marcella Raimondo, Ph.D., MPH
Clinical Psychologist; Multiculturalism

* About-Face welcomes and includes gender-expansive youth. To us, “girls” means self-identified girls, trans girls, gender-expansive youth, gender non-conforming, and non-binary youth.