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Gallery of Offenders: Not a person, just a butt.

Questions to Consider:


* Who is the target audience for this product?

* What does this product do? Is it clear or unclear?

* What role does the woman’s body have in this ad?

* How many recent ads have you seen which display only pieces of a model?

* Why is it so common for a woman’s worth to be based on her body parts rather than her whole person?

What We Think:

Body-building supplement Syntha-6 would like consumers to take notice. Their tagline reads: “SHAKE WELL and enjoy”. We here at About-Face find a few reasons to be alarmed. Taking a quick glance at this ad, the eye is drawn to the red drink bottle and bikini bottom worn by an all-too-familiar dismembered female model. The woman in this ad is not espousing the benefits of this protein concoction. Her incomplete body is a sign; this product is marketed toward men. Her truncated figure is posed with an extremely arched back, giving her the look of unrealistic proportions. Everything in this ad: the fake skyline and white sand beach, the poorly Photoshopped drink container (and the hand around it), and the woman delineated down to key eye-catching elements, are merely props meant to fulfill a heterosexual male fantasy. With this advertisement, Sythna-6 delivers a low blow to both men and women by making assumptions about male sexuality and marginalizing women in order to sell an ambiguous sports beverage. According to their calculations, it is a man’s world, and a woman’s worth is based on how well they accessorize it. (By Jason Leach)

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