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Why I have decided that high heels are evil

By July 23, 2010 11 Comments

These are Manolo Blahnik torture devices.

Check out this great article by Lisa Hix on the Collectors Weekly web site, Our Bodies, Our Stilettos. Did you know that “initially, high-heeled shoes helped keep women, who were seen as irrational and frivolous, powerless”? Thank you for this wonderful historical context. Personally, I can’t deal with high heels, let alone stilettos, because

1. I like to walk fast — as fast as men, and if they’re really slow bastards, faster.

2. Sometimes I need to run for a bus, and I’d really rather not be hobbled, stupid-looking, and injured doing that.

3. I’m totally hot without them.

4. I dislike “Sex and the City” and do not want to pay it homage.

5. I find that high heels are modern-day torture devices for women.

I’m not gonna tell anyone else what to wear or do, but short girls, I really don’t believe you when you say you have to wear them because you’re short.

So there.

— Jennifer