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We can all learn something from “Jessica’s Daily Affirmations”

By June 22, 2010 6 Comments

You know how self-help gurus, Oprah, and basically any teen magazine will advise you to, in moments of insecurity and lags of confidence, look at yourself in the mirror and reaffirm all the things you love about yourself?

Well, my roommate passed a YouTube video to me of a little toddler doing just that while standing on her bathroom sink. Check it out:

What first was a sweet, adorable video gave me an idea. The next day, standing in front of our medicine cabinet mirror waiting for the shower to warm up, I took a breath and started listing off all the things I like, a la little Jessica: “I like my friends! I like my family! I like my eyes! I like my legs! I like my sense of humor! I like San Francisco! I like my dog! I like my apartment! I like my hair!”

I laughed at how goofy I was being, but amazed at how GOOD I felt. Later, I confessed the ritual to the friend who initially showed me the video, and she broke into laughter, admitting she did the exact same thing just hours earlier!

So, go. Do it. Look at yourself in the mirror and, like Jessica, list off everything you like, even if it is simply “my haircuts” and “my pajamas.” It’s always nice to remember the little things, after all.

— Kate