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Hello Flo’s “Postpartum: The Musical” has us laughing and learning

Hello Flo, the creative genius behind the hilarious Camp Gyno and First Moon Party videos, has a new story to tell. Introducing Postpartum: The Musical.

The mockumentary uses Hello Flo’s usual hilarious wit and blunt openness about messy subjects to advertise their New Mom Kit, which includes things like pads, nipple cream, a postpartum survival guide, and other items new moms will probably love.

The star of the video asks, “How can I let another woman walk through the terrifying abyss of motherhood without telling her the things I’d seen? I mean, no one even warned me about cracked nipples. The blood. The pus. The pain. I wanted to stick my nips in a tub of Chapstick and stay there. Forever.”

[media url=”youtube=http://youtu.be/1vqVh1YXdro?t=1s/A&w=415″]

Messy bodily functions are subjects we tend to avoid — especially as women. In fact, many young people who aren’t mothers yet probably have no idea what to expect after childbirth. I, for one (as someone who has never experienced childbirth), learned a terrifying thing or two from this video.

But just like being exposed to a variety of body types in media helps us accept our own bodies as beautiful in their unique ways, talking about these subjects helps dissolve the aversion to them that we usually have.

And talking about it helps people become informed about what to expect after childbirth in terms of their own body or their partner’s. Videos like Hello Flo’s aren’t just selling a product, they’re normalizing discussion about normal bodily functions, while educating.

Cheers to you, Hello Flo, for tackling the messy subjects with such grace and humor. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Stacey Speer is a bookworm who loves nature and making people happy. She enjoys utilizing the tools she gained from her Women and Gender Studies degree to critique media and the world around her from a feminist perspective.

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  1. As someone who works in theatre, I really enjoyed the video. I would love it if that musical was actually performed. If the book writer used the wit that Hello Flo did in this video, I think it would be a great show!

    Although the goal of the video is obviously to advertise Hello Flo’s product, I also think it brings attention to another really great point about activism in general. The arts, both visual and performing, can be really great platforms when discussing several feminist issues. I think it is so important that every activist expresses their thoughts in a medium that is most comfortable to them, whether it be theatre, as in this video, or something else.

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