The Camp Gyno high-fives our periods

Menstruation demonstration! The Camp Gyno video shows that it can be simple to make the monthly “red badge of courage” seem pretty cool and laid back – even fun!  I can’t decide what my favorite part of the video is, but it comes down to one of these two: when The Camp Gyno casually uses… Continue Reading →

Menstruation: it’s only as big a deal as you make it

Have you ever wondered what sex ed might have been like for your grandparents? If you have, check out this 1946 video – made by Disney – called “The Story of Menstruation.” At first, all I could see were the ways in which it is outdated and incomplete. It debunks taboos that are completely alien… Continue Reading →

Maturing and menstruating with the media

For girls, growing up in the 21st century means contending with the media from a very young age. Be it Disney princesses or iPhone apps, the media’s influence is seemingly inescapable. But, what about getting your period? How do media messages affect girls’ perception of menstruation? I remember being thoroughly embarrassed as a kid by… Continue Reading →

Gallery of Winners: Kotex Tells It Like It Is.

“U by Kotex: So Obnoxious” TV commercial “U by Kotex: Reality Check” TV commercial Questions to Consider: * Is Kotex’s commentary about other tampon commercials accurate? * In what ways does this commercial raise awareness about how manipulative commercials can be? (And is this commercial an exception?) * How does Kotex want you to feel… Continue Reading →