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Gallery of Winners: Title Nine asks, “Where are you your own best self?”

Questions to Consider:

* What are these images selling?

* Who is the target audience?

* How does Title Nine want us to feel about these women? About ourselves?

What We Think:

There really aren’t enough catalogs that feature strong, active, happy women. Not only does Title Nine feature positive images of active women, the captions are also empowering. Next to the “Where are you your own best self?” image, the founder’s note reads: “Here’s to finding that place where we are our best selves and spending more time there.” It encourages women to be strong, grounded, and happy. I love that the woman with the volleyball is covered in freckles. Swimsuit ads usually sell the woman’s body, but this image with the woman with the surfboard emphasizes being playful and active.

On their web site, Title Nine describes how they use their models: “All [of our models] are ordinary women capable of extraordinary things… Here at Title Nine it’s our goal that each of our model shots represents three things: competence, confidence and joy.” I would say that they succeeded. (by Juliet Weintraub)

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