Gallery of Winners: “America the Beautiful” exposes some ugly truths.

Produced by: Sensory Overload Productions
DVD available in Fall 2009. See the film’s web site for more details.

Questions to Consider:

* Is America obsessed with beauty?

* Do the beauty and fashion industries need to promote the thin body ideal to be successful?

* What are some mixed messages that girls get about their appearance and sexuality?

* Who decides what is beautiful?

What We Think:

In this award-winning documentary, filmmaker Darryl Roberts critically and light-heartedly tries to answer the question, “Is America obsessed with beauty?” He follows aspiring young models (and watches one crumble under the industry’s pressure). He interviews fashion magazine editors, celebrities, plastic surgeons, and everyday men and women. It’s a candid and enlightening movie that will make you feel more empowered and more aware, wondering, “Who decides what’s beautiful, anyway?” (by Kate Elston)

See more about America the Beautiful in our blog entry “America the Beautiful”: Why beauty is out of control.

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