Teri Hatcher shows Oprah what aging looks like, sans Botox

Teri Hatcher can move her forehead, and that’s awesome.

Not only does her un-Botoxed face effectively express a range of emotions, but the actress is also the proud owner of some pretty prominent under-eye circles too. She snaps pictures of herself, sans makeup, sporting a giant grin, to post on Facebook. Before professional stylists get their hands on her mane, she describes her hair as a “rat’s nest.” And at 6 AM, she marvels at her reflection before gleefully guffawing, “Wow, do I look like sh-t!”

How could you not love her?

Teri documented a day in her life for the Oprah show last week, joining TV veterans Cybil Shepherd and Linda Evans in an episode devoted to debunking some major media-perpetuated fantasies. And Teri expressed some decidedly About-Face-like sentiments on the show.

“I don’t want to stop taking glamorous pictures—they’re fun—but I just want people to know the truth,” Teri told Oprah. “I think if we can accept the truth and reveal the mystery, we can enjoy both things.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself (as I sit here, surrounded by heavily-Photoshopped fashion magazines). Thanks for keeping it real, Teri. Check out a promo for the episode below:


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