Hot Girls Wanted!

Imagine this: You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, looking at pictures of nana-icecream, puppies, and Taylor Swift’s most recent cute outfit when you’re hit with a naked breast attached to a famous model in a sexy pose on a sofa.

This is what our world, our society, and our culture are like today. The overly sexualized and objectified women are not only the fantasies of adult people, but the idols of pre-teens and teenagers not yet of legal age to watch an R-rated movie.

In the new documentary, Hot Girls Wanted (up on Netflix instant streaming), producer Rashida Jones explores the (horrific) world of amateur pornography, and the reason some 18-year-old girls jump at the chance to get a free plane ticket to Miami and become famous” in pornography.

This insightful, unsettling, and incredibly eye-opening documentary shows the impact of the growing sexualization of women in the media, and the effects that the pornification of pop culture has on every individual in our society.

Ms. Jones says that our society and our pop culture plant the idea — in women especially — that “your sex is the thing that makes you valuable. That is your currency.” This belief is what drove the girls in the movie to sell their bodies for the fame” and success” promised when handing over your sexuality to the faceless millions who are the consumers of these videos.

These values dictate how women see themselves. I am 20 years old, of legal age to watch Magic Mike XXL in theaters, and I was still surprised for a second when I came face-to-face with an image of a bare-breasted and sexualized supermodel on my Instagram feed.

I scrolled through the rows of perverted comments on the image and was able to think critically about what I read. But the 13-year-old girl scrolling through her Instagram looking at puppy pictures will not only see the image, but will also read the comments and think to herself, “Is this what I have to do to be valued by men, to be noticed by society?”

Watch the film Hot Girls Wanted and take a second to think about where porn belongs and how those music videos of twerking and popsicle-licking women affect women and girls everywhere.

Kinga was born in Hungary and has lived in California since she was 10. She’s a Political Science and Communications major, and loves anything to do with health & fitness (including promoting a healthy body-image!)

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  1. Nicole I saw your posting from your crusie on July 24 on the Glory. My husband and I are sailing on Aug 24, were due to take out 2 teenage daughters, but have cancelled them and we are heading out! I was very nervous about sailing on Carnival due to feedback that others have left , however after reading your week and seeing the photos of St John I am now getting excited. We also go to Nova Scotia. Did you happen to sail there as well? We sail out of port of NY which should be beautiful. I live in upstate NY near Rochester and we need to take a flight out of Syracuse , the drive is almost 6 hrs for us to NYC. .again thank you , you have put me at ease!Judy Greene

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