Cause for celebration? Sports Illustrated discovers plus-size women

Yesterday, About-Face’s executive director, Jennifer Berger, was published in the San Francisco Chronicle with an op-ed (that is, “opinion editorial”) about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. In it, Jennifer praises Sports Illustrated for running the images of the larger models, but also states:

On the other hand, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is really just old-hat sexism. Objectification of women should never be acceptable. How can we expect men, especially young men, to view women as equals when they’re bombarded with images of women as something to be ogled? SI’s Swimsuit issue, along with many other media images of the “ideal female body,” imprints on a young man and gives him a distorted lens through which to view women: as bodies, not as people.

Read the piece here: Is it a big deal when every swimsuit issue model isn’t tiny?


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