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Gallery of Offenders: Jillian Michaels is hazardous to your health.

By September 2, 2010 6 Comments

Questions to Consider:

* How are overweight people portrayed in this video?

* How does Jillian’s training style make you feel about exercise?

* What message does this video send about sensible weight loss?

* How does the video make you feel about your own exercise habits?

* What might the show be selling to you?

What We Think:

Hey Jillian Michaels, you might consider exercise-induced vomiting a badge of honor, but we think it’s cruel and unusual punishment.

As the trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” Jillian routinely likes to intimidate, berate, and demean the overweight contestants, confident that her abuse is the key to success. If you measure success as weight loss, then sure, Jillian gets the job done. But how about the enormous physical risks, mental anguish, and emotional distress these competitors go through?

In this clip, Jillian not only pushes a participant to the point of near-collapse (“I’m proud that I made him vomit, that’s all that matters”), but in the process, she stands on top of him (“Are you kidding me with the falling on the ground right now?”), threatens to injure a fellow contestant (“Greg, if you don’t run, I will pull Alex on the floor and I will break every bone in his body”) and then attempts to justify her brutality by rubbing his head and cooing, “I’m actually super duper proud of you.”

Former competitor Kai Hibbard has already alleged that the show gave her an eating disorder. Is Jillian just waiting to see how many other people she can terrorize in the name of “health”? (by Michelle Konstantinovsky)

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