Pepsi introduces “the skinny can” for Fashion Week

Skinny sells.

Or at least that’s what Pepsi hopes.

Perhaps trying to keep up with Super Bowl ad sexism, Pepsi plans to unveil their new “Skinny Can” during New York Fashion Week “in celebration of beautiful, confident women.”

Because, you know, beauty and confidence are only found in slim packages.

And because consumers of artificially-sweetened, carbonated chemicals found in thin cans are automatic fitness buffs, Pepsi will also launch a social network intended to “unite the active women striving to make a difference in their lives.”

Actually, I’m inspiredto make my life different immediately.

Step one: buy Coke.

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10 thoughts on “Pepsi introduces “the skinny can” for Fashion Week

  1. Cringing all over. In the pictures there are only diet version of the skinny can – does this mean if I prefer the taste of a regular soda, I don’t deserve to be skinny? Cuz that’s the message I’m getting.

  2. Ugh…disgusting. But don’t buy Coke either. They have a multitude of human rights violations on their hands.

  3. Nothing new or notable in the packaging premise, but will add that the “Kartrashians” stumping for same are enough to give it a heave ho in itself. Bleh, how many unhealthy messages can we fit in one campaign? Chances are “slim” fashion week m.o. will change —

  4. My guess is they’re just trying to sell less drink at the same or higher price because it’s a “trendy” can.

  5. Wow. I don’t even know what to say about this one. The concept is similar to that of other beverages (take milk for instance) that promote the use of their product to actually change our body shape (e.g., got milk ad with hourglass shaped glass, etc.). Nothing like jumping onto the weight loss bandwagon to sell a product. No creativity. This disgusts me.

  6. Even better buy Sierra Mist Natural, with real sugar, no High Fructose Corn Syrup. I do not work for Sierra Mist, but..oh crud, wait isn’t Sierra Mist owned by Pepsi? Oooh…yeah it is, um nevermind.

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