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Why Gender was the third player in the Super Bowl this year.

By February 6, 2011 10 Comments

Well, it has been quite a night. It’s as if gender differences were the third player in the Super Bowl, almost an imaginary push-pull between men and women (usually with women being shown as “in power”). Here’s another one:

Super low-budget, right? Well, it’s part of the theme, though: making characters of both genders look like one-dimensional simpletons. i.e. All men want from women is sex, and women just aren’t interested — in fact, all they’re interested in, according to Pepsi Max, is his salary. Oh, and the idea that women are somehow preyed upon (even just in a man’s mind) and must resist men’s advances. What does this say about what companies *want* us to be in order to sell their products? You tell me.

How about “Don’t think. Just buy.”?

The last ad that irked us is this one from GoDaddy.

And you know the women did “it” in the end… GoDaddy — so tricky.

By the way, has anyone noticed that each GoDaddy ad features a woman who is staring, slack-jawed and admiring, at the GoDaddy girls? It’s as if advertisers are giving a nod to women, saying, “You like this, don’t you!? SHE doesn’t think it’s sexist… so neither should you.”

There you go, just lie down and go to sleep, ladies.