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Gallery of Winners: A New Line of Proactiv Women.

Questions to Consider:


* What is this ad selling?

* What does it mean to not be a pushover?

* What does “proactive” mean?

* How does this ad make you feel?

What We Think:

Proactiv’s new campaign has a series of ads with different female celebrities and captions like “I’m no pushover. I’m Proactiv.” I’m not sure how not being a pushover really has anything to do with having clear skin, but this campaign is empowering for women. It is powerful to have Avril Lavigne represent a company that puts out messages like “I’m no pushover,” because Avril Lavigne is a strong, independent female singer. What Proactiv is doing is moving away from ads that encourage women to be passive pushovers and they are taking the road less traveled: they are valuing women for being strong and proactive. No longer should women politely stand waiting for the world (a man?) to happen to them. Women are taking charge of their lives, they are initiating projects and making dents in society: they are Proactiv(e). (By Juliet Weintraub)

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2 thoughts on “Gallery of Winners: A New Line of Proactiv Women.

  1. I have no idea what being a pushover has to do with clear skin either. I have never seen this ad before but I agree with what you said.

  2. Hopefully this ad campaign won’t devolve into “before” shots of a girl with no makeup and acne, to “after” shots of a girl with makeup, no acne, and a guy by her side. I hate those things! I like how this shows Avril with only 2 out of 3 in the list. Now, can we get some “after” shots without makeup?

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