And then, yeah, slamming Roseanne Barr with a log is funny too.


This is just the teaser for now, but let’s put it this way: Telling someone he’s acting like a complaining (Jewish, male) comic (Richard Lewis) but then slamming the female one (Roseanne Barr) with a log is sorta… misogynistic?

It’s a play on the Betty White ad from last year, which also struck us sorta … not funny.


3 thoughts on “And then, yeah, slamming Roseanne Barr with a log is funny too.

  1. again, its not misogynistic you dumb cow, its ironic. Betty White playing football is ridiculous. That’s the joke. dumb fuck. You look for things that aren’t there. You are such a moron.

  2. Geez, people. I’m glad I no longer dissect everything to pieces, because I don’t want to sound like a whining cow with no sense of humor. I mean, I do try to keep sexism out of my life as much as possible (which is one reason I don’t have cable and don’t read fashion magazines – try it!) but looking for sexism in in everything, including places it’s not, has to be exhausting.

  3. Well, there were a lot of superbowl ads that were much worse, but I am disappointed in Roseanne for participating in something not only slightly misogynistic but mostly of such low comedic value

    Didn’t really see the problem with the Betty White one. It’s not really insulting to indicate that most people believe a person Betty White’s age isn’t the greatest sports competitor when facing off with young men. Also, the end included an older man also, so that it wasn’t just about older women. While people might cry ageism if . they have to be offended by something, it’s logical to point out that people in their eighties are not generally able to compete physically with people in their twenties or thirties and the commercial was pointing it out as a stereotype anyway. I’d agree that it wasn’t particularly funny, and this whole series of ads by snickers seems to just try to include enough famous people to get the audience to ignore the lack of creativity and substance.

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