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GoDaddy.com — serves ’em right?

Here’s a typical, objectifying GoDaddy.com ad with a twist: Danica Patrick and the other GoDaddy girls (i.e. tight black tank tops, bustin’ out all over the place, short shorts), announce that the new GoDaddy.co girl is…. Joan Rivers.


“Ha ha ha,” we’re supposed to laugh, “Everyone thought she was hot, but she’s just that old, dried-up, plastic-surgeried broad, Joan Rivers!”

… but not before we all get a good look at a faceless “hot” woman.

I mean, I wouldn’t do Joan Rivers, but all-out showing people wincing with disgust? At one of the most accomplished women in show business? Not that cool.

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9 thoughts on “GoDaddy.com — serves ’em right?

  1. Yeah, heres my opinion, your way over the top on more then half of the crap you post on this site. I dont have time to go into detail, but christ, you can find a problem with almost any add besides a car commercial it seems.

  2. Yes, you ARE an idiot. The only sexist here is you. And wincing in digust? All I saw was shock, but… apparantly you see whatever the fuck you WANT to see to make you feel bad about men so A.) Go fuck yourself and fun being alone forever and
    B.) Leave the internet forever because nobody enjoys this. Its just a bitch ranting about how she’s ugly and alone so she will take it out on men.

  3. Um. Whoa. Pay no attention to those two attention-seeking louts. Lots of people I know read, love, and are empowered by this site and blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. I agree with Normalgirl. I know lots of people who read and love what you write.

    I totally saw just what you saw – setting up Joan Rivers to be seen as “hot” as long as we’re looking at her body, as long as she’s faceless. The audience clearly stops clapping, has crestfallen faces and then there’s audible groans at the end like they all just lost their hard-ons.

    It was also interesting how they did the shot of the woman in the audience fanning herself – Go Daddy telling us once again “Look ladies, she’s liking it, so it’s not sexist.”

    Keep up the good analysis!

  5. Thanks normalgirl and Jackie. That’s some harsh stuff so it’s nice to get some love.

  6. Trolls kinda prove your point, huh?

    What does GoDaddy even sell and how can I never buy any of it!?!

    Joan Rivers, though, has made a career on jokes at the expense of women’s appearance, fat jokes, etc. I avoid her, too.

  7. Thank you for this post, it seems so much of what is in the media is just expected to be accepted, even though all these ads are obviously just promoting looks over everything else.
    Forget those first two comments, obviously they don’t want to look at it critically and see what message is really being delivered by these ads.
    Furthermore, I think it’s a shame that the media also seems to always portray men (and in this case, women too) as dumb animals who lose their minds for a hot body. Don’t men take any offense to that? Or do they not mind that we’re all receiving messages over and over that men are stupid and can be manipulated through sex?
    Perhaps one or two ads of this nature every so often wouldn’t be so bad, but the fact that they are thrown at us every day in multiple forms means we really need to be aware of how they affect our ideas of what’s normal, what the world is like, and what the majority of people think. Despite how many would say they can separate the media from reality, if it’s being pushed upon you all the time, it’s extremely difficult for it not to alter how you think.

  8. Oh, Joan. I’m not surprised. In her new tv series with her daughter (had to watch it like a train wreck) she was pimping her daughter for Moms Gone Wild – even phtographing her own daugther in the shower to send to the producers! These ads are so degrading – as is their website that I’m sorry to see Jillian Michaels and Danicka Patrick as spokespersons as well. They have the potential to be amazing role models.

    As someone who works with teens and teaches media lit classes – don’t listen to the goofballs above. If they are such haters then why are they even on this site?

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