The New York Lottery promises good things(?)

So the New York Lottery has a new ad campaign for their instant win scratch-off tickets called “Good things can happen in an instant.”

Good things….like nude ladies, apparently!

So, nude conventionally attractive white ladies are things.  Good things.  But still things. Got it.

What’s more, they can now happen instantly, which is a major technological breakthrough in the lady-delivery industry.

Who has time for all that getting-to-know-you, relationship-building, name-learning ?  When I am sitting all by myself, eating popcorn in a deserted movie theater, I want my ladies nude and I want them now!

Is this just another ‘ladies as things’ ad, or does it go so far as to imply that money actually can buy you love (for a given value of “love”)?

Are lonesome, dweeby types who daydream about instantaneous naked women being told that loads of cash are the only way that lady is ever going to smile at you?

I have a suggestion, New York Lottery. Stick with the cute baby bunnies, ’cause your instant win campaign is full of fail.



4 thoughts on “The New York Lottery promises good things(?)

  1. That print ad is definitely a bad turn. That being said I absolutely adore their commercials!! They have one called “sleepy time” which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! (They should stick to the animals, it works)

    Also if I may make a complaint? (Which is more me expressing my pet peeve than anything else.)

    FAIL is a verb, FAILURE is a noun. Something can be full of failure but something can not be full of fail. That’s like saying that jogger is full of run.

  2. @Rachie: Language evolves. Thanks to the internet, “fail” is now in common usage as a noun.

  3. This ad isn’t just objectify women, it also plays on a male’s insecurity. A nerdy guy must feel that he is lacking in something, and the only way to find fulfillment is to become wealthy, and thus powerful.

    I have to say I like a lot of your content, as well as the message you promote. However, lately some of your blog posts have felt like a bit of stretch. Saying “good things happen” does not neccessary imply that the woman is a “thing.” When I met my husband, I said that it was a good thing, but I was not calling him a thing. While I do feel that this ad capaign is offensive, I feel that you’re reading far too deeply into it.

    Furthermore, as I mentioned previously, this ad is just as offensive to males as it is to females.

  4. The other poster that encourages stupidity is with the tiger cub on a leash. As if NY doesn’t have enough cases of idiots keeping wild animals causing all sorts of problems, injury and death. Also the animal cruelty associated with these cases is a crime.

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