Does this model look like she needs a diet plan?

Special K has come out with numerous television commercials promoting their Special K diet plan.

Their latest ad features a modelesque woman sitting at the breakfast table, staring forlornly at her breakfast bowl. Then, she opens her cabinet and smiles at the array of Special K cereals at her disposal.

In the opening scene of the commercial, you can clearly see the model’s protruding collarbone as she pushes her bowl away. It also doesn’t help that the model is wearing a boat-neck sweatshirt which greatly accentuates her collarbone.

It is absolutely ridiculous that Special K is insinuating the already-thin model needs to lose weight (or that someone that thin would actually think she needs to lose weight).

This ad is another example of how the media projects an unrealistic idea of thin. While Special K might be playing on the fact that women are unsatisfied with their bodies at any size, this is not the message they should be promoting. Rather, Special K should be promoting body acceptance.