Gallery of Winners: Inner Beauty Is Priceless.

Questions to Consider:


* What defines beauty in America?

* Does exposing your body make you more or less beautiful?

* What do you notice that different cultures value in terms of beauty?

What We Think:

The media loves to pick on Jessica Simpson, but there’s much more to the singer than her sometimes-goofy attitude (and once and for all, can we stop talking about her weight — whether she’s wearing daisy dukes or “mom jeans”?). Jessica hit the road with her two best friends for “Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty,” which aired on VH1, and traveled the globe to explore how different cultures define beauty. In the series’ fifth episode, the gang headed to Marrakech and learned about the diverse ways Moroccan women dress — from head-to-toe coverings to cleavage-baring tops. Though the episode did include some unnecessary girl-against-girl aggression (the most liberally-dressed Moroccan woman criticized Jessica’s revealing short-shorts), it all ended on a moving note. Declaring that each country she visited taught her to “own my soul more,” Jessica marveled at how valuable inner beauty truly is. “It really is about the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful,” Jessica discovered. We couldn’t agree more. (by Michelle Konstantinovsky)

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