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Gallery of Winners: Glamour goes above and beyond.

Questions to Consider:

* How do women’s magazines typically make you feel?

* In what ways does the article from Glamour differ from images in other magazines?

* What kind of products do women’s magazines try to sell you?

* What do you notice about the different messages of magazine articles and magazine advertising?

What We Think:

Praising a big-name women’s magazine may seem contradictory (isn’t this the direct source of all those airbrushed photos and deceptive advertisements?), but Glamour magazine has become a true exception. Consistently incorporating models of all colors, shapes and sizes, Glamour has stayed true to its promise of leading a Body Image Revolution. What’s most refreshing about Glamour’s commitment to diversity is that they don’t always have to pat themselves on the back for it. When editors included a nude photo of model Lizzie Miller flashing (gasp!) an un-flat abdomen, it wasn’t for a story about properly camouflaging imperfections; it was for an article on body confidence. And the magazine routinely incorporates plus-size models and models of color, without having to name them as such or relegate them to particular, “special” articles. Plus, the September issue’s “10 Things More Important Than Those Last Five Pounds” (at right) is, in itself, worth the magazine’s $3.99 price tag. (by Michelle Konstantinovsky)

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