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The “Nu” image of woman

Editor’s note: Images contain nudity, potentially NSFW. The Nu Project is a series of photographs that exposes the great diversity of women’s bodies. Nude, in their homes, and happy, each woman photographed exudes an infectious sort of confidence, a silent declaration: “Here I am! This is simply how I am.” The photographer, Matt Blum, began… Continue Reading →

Google, we have a problem

While putting together a PowerPoint for a presentation I recently did at a Conference for Girls and Young Women, I visited Google to search for some images of girls with their friends to help illustrate my points about friendship, bullying, and body image. Imagine my surprise when doing an image search for “girls” on Google showed… Continue Reading →

Where are the women adventurers?

Frodo goes to Mount Doom. Kerouac drives across the United States. Huck Finn rafts down the Mississippi. But where are the girl and women adventurers? Where are the books and movies about female-led quests? As Vanessa Veselka points out in a very dark American Reader article, popular images of women on the road are few,… Continue Reading →