These are not troll dolls

First they took Strawberry Shortcake away from me, and now this.

I would really appreciate it if corporate America would stop revamping and sexing up my childhood memories.

Troll dolls are supposed to be ugly, pudgy, wild-haired, naked fairytale characters that give you good luck when you rub their jewels, or (if you have the originals with no jewels), are just supposed to be fun to play with or collect.

New trolls look like skinny, weird, cat-people or malformed anime girls.

Are they supposed to be teenagers or tweens? Why?

Why all of a sudden give a gender to something that never really had one?

I suppose that as they got more popular in the ’80s and ’90s, trolls were given outfits, but you could put any outfit on any troll, and it would automatically change their perceived gender.

Also, why are they wearing makeup and clothes rejected from the Clueless TV show? I know they have to show their midriffs for the lucky jewels but it’s gone from cute to creepy now.

Gross, corporate America. Stop sexualizing childhood and leave things alone.

Better yet, come up with an original idea for once.


4 thoughts on “These are not troll dolls

  1. Alicia: I feel your pain.
    The new pseudo-trolls have such creepy expressions that I can’t look at them for longer than a few seconds without getting goosebumps.
    I wonder what’s next on the list to be violated.

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