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Stereotypes in three dimensions

You may have already read about my outrage at “the pink aisle” – otherwise known as the preponderance of stereotype-based toys for girls – and I was recently disappointed to learn that LEGO has sunk to new lows in the ranks of the pink. In 2012, LEGO met with SPARK, an organization that works with girls and women… Continue Reading →

Smashing gender roles, one toy box at a time

When was the last time you were in a store that sells toys? You can always tell when you get to the “girls’ section,” because everything – everything – is pink, purple, frilly, and princessy. I don’t know about you, but I always found the narrowness of girls’ toys insulting. I’m not against playing princess… Continue Reading →

These are not troll dolls

First they took Strawberry Shortcake away from me, and now this. I would really appreciate it if corporate America would stop revamping and sexing up my childhood memories. Troll dolls are supposed to be ugly, pudgy, wild-haired, naked fairytale characters that give you good luck when you rub their jewels, or (if you have the originals… Continue Reading →