“The Bad Girls Club” goes plus-sized. Oh boy.

Reality TV never ceases to amaze me.

While extremes like Bridalplasty make me want to punch people, other, lamer shows like Real Housewives: How Can You Even Tell Which City They Are In Since They Are All Basically the Same Vapid People, can be entertaining, or just mildly sad.

So, hooray for Vh1 for taking an already suspect show, The Bad Girls Club, and making it even more ridiculous.

The Bad Girls Club, which is a show on the Oxygen Network, is getting a makeover and heading for Vh1. However, this time, lucky viewers, the girls are plus-sized!

Oh wow, what a great spin on the show!


Ugh, when are we going to get past finding larger people hilarious to watch? I mean, fat jokes and the millions of weight loss shows are enough, but this?

This show is just saying, “Look! These people are already hot messes with stupid dramas. Let’s see what happens when we also add weight issues!”

Normally, I would champion having different sizes spotlighted in the media, but I draw the line when it’s added in order to mock or insult.

Reality TV has never been a bastion of culture, but come on guys, this old trope?


Miriam Traore is a San Francisco Mission District native with a degree in Global Literature from UC Santa Cruz. She currently works for a SF Bay Area child welfare non-profit. She is thrilled to contribute to About-Face and to have a forum to discuss representations of women in the media. When not dreaming about what her next meal will be, you can find her dancing all around the city and secretly nerding out with her fellow closet geeks.

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