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The list of “Fat TV” shows keeps on growing

Reality TV is so pass√©. Ladies and gentlemen, make room for Fat TV. Granted, this post has been a long time coming, but as usual, the geniuses over at Jezebel finally prompted me to write it. Yesterday, they blogged about the new A&E show, Heavy, which, unlike other shows, doesn’t involve competitions, makeovers, or the… Continue Reading →

“The Bad Girls Club” goes plus-sized. Oh boy.

Reality TV never ceases to amaze me. While extremes like Bridalplasty make me want to punch people, other, lamer shows like Real Housewives: How Can You Even Tell Which City They Are In Since They Are All Basically the Same Vapid People, can be entertaining, or just mildly sad. So, hooray for Vh1 for taking… Continue Reading →

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