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Plus Size Princess blog inspires body positivity

Although social media breeds negativity and outrageous haters, it also brings wonderful sites like Plus Size Princess to our attention.

I found this website through a YouTube video about dating as a plus size female. Despite the fact that I am not plus size, I love to watch these videos to gain confidence. Reading About-Face’s blog empowers me and makes me feel stronger  — why not spread the love to other amazing blogs like Plus Size Princess?

Plus Size Princess focuses on the ability to be confident and love ourselves even if we are rejected by society as bigger women. My favorite part about this website is that it emphasizes getting healthy – mentally, emotionally, and physically – not just getting to the size we want based on society’s standards.

Cece has an easily accessible forum with advice on dating and love. She also has workout videos that teach dance. She plays familiar pop music and presents fun choreography. It’s easy to follow along – even for people like me, who aren’t as coordinated – and it makes people feel great!

The Plus Size Princess blog is a  great resource for finding more love and beauty in ourselves. Wonderful sites like this allow silenced people to find their voices in the big world. I hope blogs like Plus Size Princess and About-Face can keep spreading the powerful message of self-love. Remember, you’re perfect the way you are.  Whatever your size, it’s your heart that matters, making us all worthy and simply fab just the way we are.

[media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OLyBtjHM8E/A&w=415″]

Krista Pak is a junior in high school and loves to spend her time producing stories and creating poems. With her identity as a strong egalitarian, she is motivated to spread equality through modern issues.

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