Hey, About-Facers! Remember that action we were planning against American Apparel’s sexist advertising campaigns? Well we did it, and it was awesome.

We assembled and performed our street theater on loop outside of the Haight St. American Apparel location for about an hour on Saturday. The police eventually came to ask us to leave (it’s not a real protest ’til someone calls the cops, you know?), but not before we handed out piles of fliers and got the American Apparel employees all riled up. Overall, it was a success!

Here’s a teaser; check out more photos after the jump! (All photos here are thanks to the awesome Anita over at Feminist Frequency!)

Our reporter asks "Dov" hard-hitting questions as his "model" looks on

Dov engages his audience and gets really excited about press

We ask the hard hitting questions; Dov gets distracted by cameras.

One of our awesome volunteers with the fliers we distributed

One of our awesome volunteers with the fliers we distributed

It's not exploitation if there's a waiver, right Dov?!

This action was a ton of fun! HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped out, in person and online! We couldn’t have done this without you!

If you couldn’t make it out but still want to show your support, you can. Join our Facebook group, sign our petition, and make your voice heard!