Whip your hair to this awesome “Sesame Street” video

Okay, I’m a bit late to the game, but I just couldn’t let this Sesame Street treat slide.

You may have already seen the awesome video below, starring a brown Muppet who really, really loves her hair. Whether it’s twisted, braided, cornrowed, in an afro, up, down, etc., this little girl seriously loves what she’s got.

Now StyleList has scoop on the voice behind the Muppet. 13-year-old Chantylla “Chauncey” Johnson totally has the same hair confidence as her onscreen alter ego.

I like that I can put my hair in different styles and I don’t have to destroy it because a lot of people are destroying their hair and not accepting it as it is,” she says. “I want kids, adults, anybody, everybody to really accept their hair…be grateful for what you have.”

Take a cue from Chantylla and whip your hair back and forth to the video below (don’t worry, I also included the Willow Smith mash-up video afterward, in case you’re curious):

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