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No makeup, no airbushing, no problem! Jessica Simpson goes natural on the cover of Marie Claire.

By April 13, 2010 4 Comments


Jessica Simpson goes natural and untouched in this month's Marie Claire

Jessica’s Simpson is on an ambitious campaign to change Hollywood’s perceptions of beauty: one step was with the release of her new reality show, now she’s bravely going where hardly any celebs have gone before.

She appears on the cover of Marie Claire with, according the magazine’s reps, no makeup, no special hair prep and no photo retouching. Along with the cover, there are several photos of Simpson from a photo shoot in the same style—natural.

It’s a beautiful sight.

Simpson has been criticized harshly in the tabloids for years about her slight increases in weight. The singer has now launched her “Beautiful Me” campaign, a program designed to boost young girls’ self esteem.

Speaking of past magazine appearances, Simpson told the Associated Press, “I don’t look like the girl on the cover of the magazine. I do not look like my covers…they airbrush me.”

The Marie Claire cover photo is refreshingly natural. Whereas typically every blemish would be smoothed over and under-eye shadows erased, Simpson exposes her natural face. Whereas hair would be prepped for hours beforehand, Simpson lets her natural locks down. And you know what? It’s stunning.

In photos that appear inside the magazine, Simpson poses again completely naturally. It is so amazing to see some normal arms, arms that aren’t electronically toned, tanned and trimmed.

Controversy exists of course. Some people don’t believe she’s actually 100 percent natural. At the Huffington Post and other sites there are surveys determining whether or not people believe the magazine’s makeup-free claims.

But to me, it doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a little bit of concealer or blush. I don’t care if her hair was actually curled earlier that morning or even if she has fake eyelashes on. What matters and what is astounding is that she’s exposing herself the way she actually is and the way most women can understand. Every woman can put on some blush and walk out the door, but few woman can spend thousands on makeup artists, and no woman can zap her body to the impossible proportions airbrushers do to magazine models all the time.

On a cover of this magazine that typically flaunts extra thin, extra smooth, wrinkle-and-blemish-free models, Simpson looks like you and me. She’s just the beginning of changing norms, and I hope other celebrities jump on board.

Check out the photo shoot, and leave your thoughts in the comments!