Judgement and jealousy between women reign supreme in media

“Body Jealousy, Sisters at War!”

This is InTouch Weekly’s latest headline. The article claims that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are in a weight war, battling it out to see who can be the slimmest.

Sadly, InTouch is not the only tabloid to pit celebrities against each other when it concerns image. Us Magazine never fails to have its “Who Wore it Best?” feature, which asks readers to rate who among a group of identically dressed stars looks better than the rest.

Ever walked down the street and critiqued a woman’s outfit or body? For most women, this may be a daily occurrence. We may catch ourselves staring at someone and thinking, or even saying, “What is she wearing?” Or “How did she get with him? I’m way prettier than her!”

But what gives us the right to overtly or covertly pass harsh judgment on friends, family or even strangers?

It seems as though tabloid magazine headlines, like the ones mentioned above, have made image criticism and comparison acceptable. While critiquing and judging other women may make us feel better for a fleeting moment, it won’t help us in the long run.

If we choose to celebrate other women instead of tearing them down, we are more likely to feel good about ourselves. So, I would like to propose a challenge to my fellow About-Facers. I am pledging to make an effort to stop the negativity and let the women in my life know how great they really are.

And I invite all of you to join me.


2 thoughts on “Judgement and jealousy between women reign supreme in media

  1. hurrah! i’ve felt strongly about this for ages. i know so many intelligent women who still read this crap … and i hate it when people in the office start tearing into women on the basis of their appearance. no one should be judged like this, women or men!

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