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Girlguiding UK puts body image research into action

Finally, an organization has come up with a resource that has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of girls and women.


Girlguiding UK has launched a new tool in response to some of their recent research into girls’ body image. Give Yourself a Chance is an interactive online resource designed to boost self-esteem.

Give Yourself a Chance was created in response to the outcomes of Girlguiding UK’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey of 2010, which investigated various themes in British girls’ lives.

One of the more shocking results of the survey was that “48 percent of young women aged 16-21 would consider cosmetic surgery.”

Plastic surgery has become so normal in our society that girls now feel it’s an acceptable thing to consider. Give Yourself a Chance aims to give these young women some alternatives to plastic surgery. The tool uses a striking design to convey real-life stories, positive, practical tips and advice on how to combat body insecurities. It’s heartening to see an organization take action aimed at positive change about body image in society.

For their part, Girl Scouts of the USA have also undertaken research into girls’ body image. But it does not seem to be as extensive as their UK counterpart, nor has it had outcomes such as Give Yourself a Chance. The Girl Scouts seem to express contradictory messages by encouraging girls to exercise through the Let’s Move program, while simultaneously promoting the sale of artificial,  sugar-laden cookies.

Do you think Give Yourself a Chance would be a useful tool worldwide?



4 thoughts on “Girlguiding UK puts body image research into action

  1. I absolute love the “Give Yourself a Chance” website! Thanks for sharing this.

    However, I do disagree with you calling girl scout cookies “artificial, sugar-laden cookies.” I think part of embracing ourselves and our bodies is also finding freedom with food. Foods are not “good” or “bad.” Girl scout cookies can be enjoyed in moderation just like any other food.

  2. Hannah,

    Thanks for the comment! I was stoked to see this resource as well.

    I appreciate your thoughts on Girl Scout cookies. I guess I was just trying to point out a bit of hypocrisy. Great point about finding freedom with food – I just wish they had been a bit more health-conscious about them. But to each their own!

    Thanks again

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