Ginnifer Goodwin, Brooke Hogan cop to dieting for their careers

Wait, so you’re telling me celebrities aren’t the best role models?

In case you needed more evidence that Hollywood stars are perhaps not the paragons of healthy living, see below.

Jezebel recently wrote about two celebs admitting that it’s not always easy, glamorous, or safe to look the way they do.

Thirty-two-year-old actress Ginnifer Goodwin told Health Magazine that she’s been on Weight Watchers since age 9. Though some are saying the diet program is too strict for children, Ginnifer insists she’s now at her “happy weight.”

Sounds great, except for the fact that she also calls this magic number her “shooting weight” because because “it’s also the number that doesn’t freak me out when I see myself on screen.” I’m having a hard time equating “happy” with “not freaked out.” Anyone else?It also doesn’t sit well with me that while Ginnifer considers herself “an extremely healthy” (and don’t forget “happy”!) person, she’s more comfortable concealing her body.

“…Working with my amazing stylist, I’m really good at hiding things, so I’m always pretty confident,” she says.  “Except when I’m in a bathing suit. It doesn’t matter what my body looks like, I hate putting on bathing suits in front of other people.”

Granted, it probably wasn’t Weight Watchers that instilled these sorts of conflicted feelings in Ginnifer, but abiding by the program’s rules for 23 years certainly must have influenced her body image.

And while labeling her a “celebrity” is questionable, Brooke Hogan (daughter of The Hulk), also recently admitted that her current appearance is simply for the sake of her career. She told the Daily Mail she’s on a strict diet (prescribed by her father), and works out twice a day.

“People should know, I’m only doing the diet for the entertainment business. It’s not really what you’re supposed to look like in real life.”

Er, great. Except in real life, real people still see you frolick on the beach in your real bikini, because the staged photos are plastered all over the internet.

Maybe it’s time we all got real and officially stopped caring how or why celebrities look the way they do.

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  1. I think that it is not healthy for a 9 year old to diet. I do think that parents should teach their kids to eat healthy by giving them the vitamins they need but not having the focused on weight.

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