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An open (love) letter to Jennifer Lawrence

Hey, J. Law (I can call you J. Law, right?),

How are you doing? You’re probably busy getting ready for your upcoming Catching Fire premieres (all of which you will probably look fabulous in), so I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how totally awesome you are.

Recently, the Internet has been flooded with a fresh wave of love/admiration/cult idolatry for you after your response on body image at the Yahoo! Q&A Session.

Besides getting a whole bunch of new GIFs to add to my J. Law GIF collection, I came to realize why everyone and their moms want to be your best friend — you’re so real.

You’re not afraid to say what we’re all thinking and stand up for what you believe in, and that’s what makes you relatable. You love food? Me, too! You think people need to stop fat-shaming? So do I!

My favorite part of your response was when you said, “That shouldn’t be the real world.”

Calling people fat or ugly or whatever other euphemisms we use to put each other down does not make us more ready for the real world. Is this Photoshopped, body-shaming culture the real world we want to live in?

As you said, we need to “stop calling each other fat,” and create a culture of acceptance and love. The fact that you said these things to the media, amidst the pressure from the real hunger games that is Hollywood, makes you worthy of all the awards.

Girls need more celebrity role models like you. I sincerely want good things to keep happening to you because we need more of your majesty (and GIFs!) to grace the Internet.

All the best!

Uzma Amin

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