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American Apparel CEO’s endless douchebaggery gets him sued (again)

For those of you gleefully following the downfall of Dov Charney, add another lawsuitto his troubles.

Your stretch floral lace unitards can’t save you now, Charney (yes, these are actual items for sale on the American Apparel web site. Are you surprised?).

Irene Morales, Alyssa Ferguson, and Tessa Lubans-Dehaven are suing the American Apparel CEO, his company, and the brand’s photographer, Kyung Chung, for intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy and impersonation online.

Really going for the gold in all-around grossness, aren’t ya Dov?

The three former American Apparel employees sued Charney last month over sexual harassment charges, but now they’re alleging that the pervy jerk (for lack of a better phrase) released nude photos of them.

These shots apparently began popping up on fake blogs, which claimed to be owned by the women, and made it appear that they were “admitting to an unlawful scheme of extortion…which they were not.”


If you’re curious as to why such snapshots even exist, the employees claim they were forced to pose for them during company photo shoots.

So yes, in case you were wondering, Charney is in fact capable of attaining greater levels of douchebaggery than originally estimated.

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