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About-Facers take action!

There’s nothing we like to see more than About-Face supporters take action!

Check out 16-year-old cousins Danika and Arika making good use of our Covert Dressing Room Action Kit at a mall near Denver, CO. The girls told us a bit about what motivated them to act, and we hope you find their words as inspiring as we do.

If you need even more encouragement to hit your own local dressing room armed with decals (you can find them here), watch the video of our Summer 2009 Take Action group.

I wanted to positively influence others to feel good about themselves. The media has negatively influenced people’s body image and self-esteem. I am hopeful that the decals will inspire others, help someone feel good about themselves or influence someone to compliment someone else.” — Arika, age 16.

We put the decals on dressing room mirrors with self-esteem-boosting quotes to help other women and teens feel good about themselves. I think it is important because there are a lot of people who feel that they aren’t equal with others—maybe because of their looks or weight—and we wanted to help them know that everyone is beautiful in their own way, no matter what size, shape, or color they are 🙂” — Danika, age 16.

Have you formed your own Take Action group? We want to know about it! Send your pics, videos, and stories to submissions@ and you might see your own beautiful face on our blog!

— Michelle Konstantinovsky is a student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and an avid admirer of shiny objects and preteen entertainment. It would be nice if you visited her website: www.michellekmedia.com. Also, she may learn to use Twitter more effectively if you follow her @michelley415.

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