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5 signs you were born to be an About-Face blogger

I know what you’re thinking: The About-Face blog is so utterly fabulous, it must be written exclusively by mythical blogging creatures and media-literacy gods. Not true!

Though it may seem like mere mortals are incapable of writing the glorious content we publish two times a week on our site, I’m here to tell you that our blog is, in fact, written by a group of human volunteers — amazing human volunteers, who would love to welcome you to the About-Face blogging family.

Here are five signs you were born to join the About-Face blogging team:

1. You frequently find yourself crying out in shock or disgust upon seeing messed-up media messages. Boo, you’re not alone. Join us and do something productive with those emotions.

2. Something in your life has made you passionate about empowering women and girls. I initially joined the team because I was recovering from anorexia; blogging enabled me to fight my eating disorder and help others. Whatever your background is, it can serve as inspiration for your writing.

3. Sarcasm and spunk are your native tongues. A little sass goes a long way when writing about serious issues. If you can get an audience to take your cause seriously without taking yourself too seriously in the process, you get all the bonus points.

4. You look at the world through the eyes of a writer. That is, you’re always questioning information and pondering life, and you never run out of wisdom (or just really strong opinions) to share.

5. You want to make a difference in the world. I’m owning up to the fact that that’s an immensely cheesy and cliché reason to join the team. But seriously. The blog gets thousands of views per month; this is an opportunity to help make those views count!

If there’s a still, small voice — or a raucous, obnoxious voice — within you urging you to fulfill your destiny, please e-mail me (Elizabeth) at blogmanager [at] about [hyphen] face [dot] org (those spell-outs are so the spambots don’t come find us). I’ll send you exciting information about auditioning to become a regular blogger, and I’ll thank you profusely for helping us maintain the rockin’ content you’re accustomed to reading on the About-Face blog.

And if you happen to actually be a mythical blogging creature or media-literacy god, definitely consider applying. We mortals would be happy to have you on the team.

Elizabeth Frankel is a Minnesotan who loves psychology, music, and anything related to Latin. She seeks to understand why the world is the way it is through critical thinking, and when that fails, she just employs sarcasm.

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  1. I’ve followed About-Face for years and would love to contribute, but sadly, I can’t write to save my life. Anyway, I hope you find more great bloggers.

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