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“The Bad Girls Club” goes plus-sized. Oh boy.

Reality TV never ceases to amaze me. While extremes like Bridalplasty make me want to punch people, other, lamer shows like Real Housewives: How Can You Even Tell Which City They Are In Since They Are All Basically the Same Vapid People, can be entertaining, or just mildly sad. So, hooray for Vh1 for taking… Continue Reading →

“Elle” makes a mockery of Gabourey Sidibe’s cover girl moment

What do you call a top fashion magazine that features a plus-sized African American actress on its cover? Progressive? Revolutionary? If you’ve read recent Internet reports of Gabourey Sidibe’s October Elle cover, you might call it “racist,” “offensive,” or, as Salon puts it, “a weird fetishization that borders on patronizing.” Allow me to explain. In… Continue Reading →

Girl Scouts aim to change the face of fashion

They’ve been around for nearly a century, count 3.3 million members worldwide, and are considered a preeminent leadership development organization. In case the only thing you know about the Girl Scouts is their unwavering dedication to supplying America with Thin Mints, it’s time to learn more. With the help of four Wilhelmina Curve models (the… Continue Reading →

Kate Harding on Kevin Smith

As you’ve probably heard, actor/director/writer/producer/fat guy Kevin Smith was recently booted off of a Southwest flight for being too fat to fly. The internet has been ablaze with commentary on both sides, but Kate Harding’s input over at Salon’s Broadsheet blog does a fantastic job of pointing out the problems with sizeist airline seating policies:… Continue Reading →

On pressure, plastic surgery, and giving in.

Yesterday I realized that I am a Susan Boyle in a world of Heidi Montags. Let me explain. After having 2009’s best-selling album, Susan Boyle has been heralded as much for her glorious voice as she has been scrutinized for her plain, frumpy appearance. Media attention has been as focused on her outward makeup as… Continue Reading →

Whole Foods Market to employees: No Fatties!

  The graduated discount level says one thing: thinner is better. It leaves no room for people with higher BMIs to be viewed as fully functional, and reinforces the very much untrue cultural notion that fat automatically equals unhealthy. It creates a hierarchy based nearly entirely on BMI—the lower your BMI, the higher your discount…. Continue Reading →

Nude and Un-Photoshopped: Still Not the Answer.

A previous version of this blog was originally posted at In 2009, a light bulb turned on. (I sure hope it was a CFL.) Someone in mainstream media — new or old, internationally or nationally — an editor, an assistant, maybe it was a PR rep, realized that “Oh hey! Not everyone is a… Continue Reading →