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Girls Without Limits: Intro to About-Face event 8/12 in Berkeley: Find out more.

An Afternoon with Dov Charney: recap and updates!

Hey, About-Facers! Remember that action we were planning against American Apparel’s sexist advertising campaigns? Well we did it, and it was awesome. We assembled and performed our street theater on loop outside of the Haight St. American Apparel location for about an hour on Saturday. The police eventually came to ask us to leave (it’s… Continue Reading →

About-Face protests American Apparel: An Afternoon with Dov Charney

By now, you know how much we despise American Apparel’s advertising. Well, here’s your chance to make your voice heard TOMORROW, whether you’re in San Francisco or supporting from afar: An Afternoon with Dov Charney Saturday, May 1 at 1:00pm Haight St. (at Clayton), San Francisco (and online) Click for more info. Using street theater… Continue Reading →

That’s enough, American Apparel.

In a move that comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody, American Apparel has set a new standard for sexually objectifying women everywhere via their “World’s Best Bottom” contest. You’ve probably heard about it: CEO Dov Charney and company encouraged American Apparel customers around the world to send in photos of their butts clad in… Continue Reading →