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More choices for women on Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! Popular television/fashion icon Kim Kardashian debuted on Instagram and Twitter one of her possible Halloween costumes for this year’s many extravagant Halloween parties. In the pictures she is decked out in a tight, full-length body suit with a pair of animal ears and stiletto heels. What’s she supposed to be? She’s a… Continue Reading →

What does pubic hair have to do with cervical cancer?

You’d think nothing, right? Well the Canadian Cancer Society sure has a surprise for you! Julyna, which I’m pretty sure is supposed to rhyme with vagina, is a new public health campaign which asks women to “trim their pubic hair into a creative design and solicit donations for doing so from friends and family.” Apparently,… Continue Reading →

Looking for About-Face interns!

Love what we do? Want to know how to help? Oh, and did you need school credit, too? We may have a solution. Become an About-Face intern! New opportunities for the fall have just been posted, and you might be one of the smart, enthusiastic, ambitious students we need! Read the descriptions below, and find… Continue Reading →