You go girls! Plus-size bloggers tackle fashion one step at a time

What we wear as people allows us to express to the world around us who we are as individuals. This should be something so easy to do, right? WRONG!

For so many curvy and plus-size girls and women, this has become a battle that leaves many wounded and feeling defeated.

For this reason, the valiant soldiers fighting in this same battle have banned together to form what are now known as plus-size fashion bloggers.

These bloggers give the encouragement, resources, and support for plus-size girls to not only be proud of their bodies, but to look good while doing so.

According a November New York Times article, plus-size bloggers such as Gabi Gregg, Nadia Aboulhosn, Tiffany Tucker, and many others are encouraging plus-size women to dress in clothes that make them look good by embracing their beautifully curvaceous bodies.

These bloggers do not want these women to hide who they are or what they look like, so they provide them with links and stores to find clothes that they actually like — ones that allow them to dress in a fashionable manner.

Many big name designers and stores, such as Marc Jacobs and Zara have yet to go plus-size (or, let’s face it, AVERAGE size), but folks are hoping they do soon so they are able to buy clothes from such reputable fashion icons.

These bloggers are making it known that plus-size girls are tired of walking into traditional department stores and seeing clothes that resemble blankets or potato sacks. What the hell kind of clothes are those?

Just because plus-size girls wear bigger sizes, in NO way does this imply that they want any less sparkle, glamour, or up-to date clothing.

According to the New York Times article, some people may think that plus-size is a stage of transition into a size that is smaller, but HELLO, what about all of the women who are loving the size that they currently are?

If we can come together, maybe we can put into action what these plus-size fashion bloggers so desperately want — the ability for plus-size women to recognize how uniquely beautiful their bodies truly are, so that they can feel comfortable in looking good if they so choose.

Sausha Gruca is a Psychology major and Gender and Sexualities Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She enjoys learning about the construction of gender and the various expectations society places people.  She also volunteers with the youth in her community in the hopes of encouraging them to make a change.

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  1. I think both of the models are beautiful, but why are thin women bad? I mean, the whole “big is beautiful” thing is good, but skinny women are also beautiful. Please think about this, because I am a skinny woman 🙂

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